Ritual Talk with Mama Medicine


We are so excited to have the magical MAMA MEDICINE (Deborah) coming to Iceland from the US early next year to teach in the Rvk Ritual space and fill it with her healing energy. She will facilitate two magical ceremonies while she is in Iceland! To introduce her better to our community Eva met up with her on Zoom to talk more about her story, her ceremonies and her journey. She is so inspiring, watch the video talk above
We also asked her to answer some short & fun Q&A 

NAME:  Deborah Hanekamp

BUSINESS: Mama Medicine


SUN, MOON, RISING: Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising

HUMAN DESIGN: I think I’m a Manifesting Generator


BEST BEAUTY TIP YOU KNOW OF: lots of veggies, water, good rest and honey masks


HEALTH PHILOSOPHY: Nature heals and you are nature so be your own healer.

3 THINGS ALWAYS IN YOUR CUPBOARD? cinnamon, nettles and garlic

3 FAV INSTAGRAMS @thegentlebarn + anything that shows beautiful art and nature!

3 THINGS ALWAYS IN YOUR PURSE ? I try to only carry a purse when totally necessary haha! When I do, I carry drawing tools for my daughter, lip balm and sunglasses.

SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE? I really admire my daughter and the way she is fearlessly her self.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! This is one of our role models and expandors and we are so excited for this.
The ceremony is called the Earth’s Aura healing ceremony and is to prepare us to bask in the aura of the Earth by connecting to all of the elements of the nature that we are.
 For The Earth’s Aura, Deborah will connect to the individual, collective, and cosmic aura shared in a once in a lifetime Medicine Reading Ceremony that will prepare us for attuning to the Aurora beyond cellularly. The ceremony will be focused on blessing the clear vision of the heart.
WHEN: February 17th & 18th 2024