a monthly virtual program for more spiritual growth and wellbeing

This is an inspiration journey guided by Dagný & Eva the founders of Rvk ritual that will support you on your wellness/spiritual journey.

The Ritual Club is a monthly virtual membership for health and success.

Inside the membership is a collection of workshops and our archive of movement videos, meditation tutoritals, breathwork tutorials and inspiring interviews

IS THIS FOR YOU: Do you want to do yoga, movement, meditation & breathwork from the comfort of your home? Do you want access to inspiration and wellness workshops for the mind, body & soul made by qualified teachers that you can watch from anywhere?  Do you need upliftment and want to keep growing as a person? 

Our virtual membership THE RITUAL CLUB is the perfect way to keep growing each month and upleveling your daily habits. 


  • The Self Love Workshop
  • A monthly curated practice of movement & meditation 
  • Access to our meditation & breathwork archive 
  • Access to our interview archive
  • Access to our movement archive
  • Access to our self development book list