Resting Rituals

We are melting into the fall with rituals that can help us slow down and tune into our Rested Witch Era, where we truly prioritise rest and relaxing to be the best we can possibly be. We got Dagný Gisladottir, one of the co-founders of Rvk Ritual to give us insight into her relationship to rest and embracing this seasonal change.

What does rest mean to you?
It means prioritising SPACE in all forms. Sleep, meditation & breathwork, saying NO to the things that do not align and having strong boundaries.

How are you embracing this seasonal change?
I am slowing way down (also as I am very pregnant), lighting candles & incenses every chance I get.

When do you feel the most rested? 
When I listen to my intuition, make space between things/meetings & honour my creative side

Rest and radiance, how do the two connect? It comes down to energetics. When you are truly rested the body shines at its best, the mind and soul thrive so ideas flow to you and you ATTRACT more without force.

Do you have a breathwork practise that supports you for restful radiance? 
Yes! The 8 part breath!  It is said that practicing it every evening for 11 minutes can restore the prana you have consumed throughout the day, and move you from stress to rejuvenation. You inhale in 8 parts filling the lungs up completely, then you exhale through the nose in one part. Do this for 3-11 minutes and feel the effects!

Favourite Ritual for the Rested Witch era?
The fall makes me want to work more with herbs so making herbal infusions with our new herbal blend is a fav ritual as the blend has calming effects on the nervous system & fills me up on minerals (and beauty bonuses of course)

If you dont have our womens herbal blend you can mix

2 part Nettle leaf
2 part Red Raspberry leaf
1 part goji berries

Mix together in a glass container with hot water and let steep for 4- 10 hours. When the mixture is ready use a strainer to get the leaves from of the water and keep the herbal infusion in a closed bottle in a cooler – The herbal water lasts for a couple of days in the fridge