Welcome to SELF MASTERY! This first part is all about self study. Knowing yourself better by using the fundamentals of astrology, yogic philosophies and self exploration. Filling out the blanks of your inner map and taking steps in understanding your body, mind and soul a bit better. This will be the foundation that we use for the rest of the class. So let´s get started! 

WELOME ZOOM CALL: On MONDAY NIGHT July 3rd at 20:30 GMT we will introduce ourselves and explain the class better on Zoom for those that can make it! We will send you a link in email tomorrow to the zoom. This will also be recorded to watch later 

MEDITATE DAILY : Starting on JULY 4th we will start meditating daily. We will have a live class Tuesday morning at 7:00 GMT (recorded to watch later)  If you can show up for the live and practice with us, or do this meditation when you can in the day. We are going to do this meditation and breathwork DAILY so use the recording on instagram OR USE THE SOUNDFILE RECORDING with binaural beats, at the bottom of this page.

INSTAGRAM: If you are not already in our closed instagram account, please add this account! We will be sharing stories, inspirations and more on this instagram account so take a look at it daily!

GUEST TEACHER: JARA our guest teacher & astrologer will be doing a live in the first part. Your dont want to miss this.  But you have to be finished with fining out your SUN, MOON & RISING signs before the class. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: We will put you into circles on Wednesday and ask you to introduce yourself + DO comment on the instagram photo daily at what time you meditated!

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you are taking this class again please be an example for the others in commitment and accountability. Do all the assignments again to get the most out of the class and go deeper.

ASSIGNMENTS: Read the workbook slowly and in parts. Print it out if you can, it should fit perfectly to an A4 pages! We recommend reading one chapter a day (6 chapters : intro, intuition, astrology, ayurveda, inner code, chakras) and doing the assignments mindfully with each chapter. 

VIDEO: There will be video lectures from us uploaded on Wednesday day of each part in the members area on this site. Watch it on your phone, wherever your are!

SHARING:  We will put you in circles on INSTAGRAM on Wednesday. Share with your circle your findings of the week: your starsigns, dosha, inner code and the imbalances you might have in the chakras.  This makes this whole experience deeper and it is a practice in trusting other women.