Our favourite Änglamark products

We at RVK RITUAL are always trying to choose the best products for our own health, our babies and the environment. Choosing organic and brands that are trying to do better will contribute to better long term health for your family and the planet. We think about this when choosing cleaning supplies for the rvk ritual space, the food we offer at events, and of course when grocery shop for our home.

The Änglamark products that are available in NETTÓ in Iceland are organic and environmentally friendly as well as being allergy-friendly and affordable.

We love that all food from Änglamark is organic, here are 5 reasons to choose organic when you are able to make that choice:

  • * Organic food is more nutritious
  • * Organic contains less chemicals
  • * Organic has no genetically modified ingredients
  • * Organic is better for the environment
  • * Organic is better for animal welfare

Many of the Änglamark products are also certified by the Swan, the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. It examines the entire life cycle of products and services, which makes it a better choice for the environment and our health. It may be hard to get the certificate but it’s easy definitely easy to choose!

Here is what the Swan promises to do:

  • * View the entire life cycle and define the main environmental factors
  • * Set strict requirements for the main environmental factors that have been defined such as; chemical content and use of harmful substances, sorting and minimization of waste, energy and water consumption, and quality and durability
  • * Make sure that known hormone-disrupting and allergy- or cancer-causing substances are not used
  • * Regularly tighten the requirements so that Swan-certified products and services are in constant development