Welcome to the unique Nola x Rvk Ritual event next Wednesday, October 20th at 20:00
 - fill your beauty tank and shine into winter. 
At the change of seasons, it is good to look at the skin care and what can be done better. Karin, Eva Dögg and Dagný will all teach their favourite tools and tricks for radiant and healthy skin and what actually nourishes the skin.
CLEANSING: how best to cleanse the skin morning and night and what are common mistakes
MEDITATION: Stress is seen a lot on the face and therefore it is important to learn methods that reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation will be taught for increased glow and beauty breathing.
GUA SHA & FACE YOGA: Some of the most powerful ways to age well and maintain blood flow and glow in the skin will be taught
GOODIE BAG: Includes a furious and valuable goodie bag to make your skin care a ritual with gua sha stone, creams, custom made oils and palo santo. The value of ISK 20,970
BEAUTY HERBS: An herbal drink full of minerals for skin and hair as well as light refreshments.
WHERE & WHEN: October 20 at 20:00 in Nola, Ármúli 38
NOTE limited seats: register here: