The Underground Supper Club

Wellness can be so many different things. Food as medicine for the soul is definitely one of them and connection to interesting people.

Last Saturday evening, we had the great pleasure of hosting The Underground Supper Club in our Rvk Ritual space. Founded by Arabella Morgan, The Underground Supper Club, offers a unique dining experience that blends fine dining with a comforting, homey twist. For this special event, Arabella partnered with Chef Davíð Örn Hákonarson (head chef and co-owner of SKREIÐ).



Together we embarked on a journey towards SPRING through the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean, the spices of North Africa and to the aromatic kitchens of the Middle East. It was an adventure of 5 blended courses from high-quality ingredients. All of this was made possible with organic goods and quality ingredients from Nettó. We also got all the right spices for this flavourful journey from Kryddhúsið and beautiful super greens and herbs from Vaxa.

Us at Rvk Ritual took the spring theme and transformed our wellness space into a colorful restaraurant for a night, with flowers projected on the walls and beautiful arrangements around the space. We got our favourite herbalist and HD reader Erla Sól to create a special herbal tea blend for this occasion that complemented the desert. We also created a vibrant and sexy mocktail with our friends at MIST that started us of on a high note.



This was a creative process between Arabella and Davíð. They said the menu came effortlessly when talking about combinations of flavour, texture and colour. Best described as vibrant, colourful and passionate. A lot of love was put into this creation. We had a magical evening with amazing food and great company.