A well rested woman is a beautiful woman – Welcome to the rested WITCH era

Relaxation is the highest form of wisdom. It is radical. To relax is to release unnecessary tension so you can feel the hand of god/intuition guiding you. This wisdom is the recognition of what you do not need and letting it go, so you can listen deeply and act courageously. Living courageously helps us move from a life of fear to a life of RADIANCE.

To allow our radiance to shine and grow, we must recognize that innocence is our greatest treasure. We can reclaim our innocence when we value the virtues and the character that comes with it. Humans tend to bow to what they value. If you bow to the temporary, i.e. material possessions, then your hearts will darken along with your radiant light. If, on the other hand, you bow to the source of your character values, your true hearts will shine in radiant glory. This is because innocence is part of the purity of the soul, and therefore we must start to re-connect and relate to our soul. The more we live by the call of the soul, the thinner our ego covering becomes and the brighter our soul light shines!

The first time me and Dagny practiced Kundalini yoga it changed our lives. Walking into a class with our teacher Guru Jagat is an experience we hold deeply in our hearts. Seeing these Kundalini women, these are the strongest, most beautiful women, and the common factor is that they all have a Kundalini practice. Something these women are doing is obviously working! With their clear skin and shiny hair, they all project vibrancy and health, not to mention serenity. You often can’t tell how old they are. It really de-ages you because it takes the stress out of your body. Why not try it? So that was one of our big “why’s” in the start. We will do it because they were beautiful. And oh the many extra benefits. They are countless.

Kundalini is science of the body (10 bodies), mind and total life experience. It’s like an owner’s manual for human living, something many of us never received before now. Kundalini Yoga is also in our opinion, the TOP health and beauty technology—beauty from the INSIDE out— available today and likely for the next 5,000 years.

Radiance at first can sound like a shallow concept but it is not!

It is a spiritual concept that we are constantly working on increasing. Radiance is best described as a human filled with the divine light, glowing, beaming and bright. Real and lasting radiance comes from deep within and mostly shines out to the world through the eyes, the skin and the smile. This becomes the 10th body according to yoga—the Radiant body, the carrier of the aura, arc-line and electromagnetic field. You can see radiance in the old, young, in those near death, in the deformed and disfigured. Also we have seen the opposite, physically very beautiful people with little true radiance!

We are all born with an aura of radiant light defining our innocence. Babies are innocent—they radiate and shine so completely that we are compelled to pick them up and hold them, basking in their radiance. It feels as if, when we bring that light close, it will radiate and transfer into and through us! As an infant grows she begins to develop an identity, an ego, a unique personality. This carries with it traits developed and inherited. As we grow, we gain knowledge, intelligence and experience, and unless we are walking towards our true self, our Sat Nam, we start identifying with our body and our mind as the source of truth. The more we mistake this physical and mental form as true, the denser it becomes and the less our inner light can shine. So often as we learn to take what we need and want, we do so at the expense of our character values and virtues. This innocence lost, dims the light of the soul and our psyche reflects the darkened relationship to the world within and without. Feelings of fear, anger, greed, attachment and the pursuits of short term gratifications dull our radiance.

Beauty, vitality and anti-aging are not external processes. True beauty and anti-aging is rooted in knowing how to access and activate your own human system to work efficiently, without stress and strain, and with intelligence.

Our mission is to remind you that true beauty  is not so much about make up and skin-care products per se, but confronting your demons and habits and building your own radiance, or beauty, from the inside out.