A part of self care is picking out places that make you feel welcome and inspired. The Be Well series will be about those spots we find and visit again and again in Reykjavík or other cities that we travel to around the globe. We love finding gems in this town like city of ours that treat the body or soul. This is our first list of many and includes 3 favourite spots these days:

1. SYSTRASAMLAGIÐ // SISTERHOOD CAFE/SHOP – This hidden little health cafe is owned by two wonderful local sisters. They make everything in there with love. They have the most amazing tonics drinks, each one decorated with edible flowers. They also sell smoothies, sourdough sandwiches and soup of the day. In the cafe you can also find a handful of curated products all connected to wellness and yoga. You will find us somewhere in a corner sipping on some holy cacao and drawing a goddess cards. 

2. MIKADO – This is Dagný´s favourite spot to nerd out… with perfumes & ceramics. She can be in there for hours smelling each candle or new scent from Le Labo. The owners of Mikado have created a place unlike anything else in the city with minimal but elevated aesthetics, great ceremonial matcha & ceramics. 

3. ORG REYKJAVIK // If you want to find ethical clothing around Reykjavik the store ORG is one of our favourites. The only downside is that it is in the mall, but def worth the go. The owner is always willing to tell you about the story of each label and make the whole experience enjoyable. 

BE well!