Inspired by my local herbalist Ásdís and the book Medicinal herbs of Iceland I have been getting into picking herbs for my own tea over the last year. It makes simple walks in the forrest purposeful and ritualistic, as I slowly notice the trees and the condition of the leaves. In the spring picking new birch leaves for tea is easy as they are not hard to pick and dry. 

Birch leaves are said to be healing and good for general detox, arthritis and psoriases. 


  • Find whole birch leaves, spring or early summer, that have not been eaten by bugs.
  • Pick them in a basket of some kind.
  • When home spread them out and let them dry on a paper tray.
  • When dry keep in cleaned recycled glass jars to up to a year.


To make birch tea use 2-3 teaspoons and cover with hot water. Steep for 10 minutes and then enjoy, taking your time. 

It is also easy to make birch oil , that can be good for skin problems