Dear Ritual Club,

As we crystallize what we want to create for the rest of this year —and how we want to FEEL doing it – perhaps the most important step of all after vision, boundaries & money, is the one many of us find to be the most challenging, is to START.

Sometimes, taking the first step is harder than the task itself. Procrastination takes over in its various shapes and forms, holding us back from setting forth on our visions. Our ego might even throw every excuse in the book to put off doing the thing that we know will help us get what we want.

In these moments, we like to think of this Seth Godin quote: “you don’t need more time, you just need to decide.” Even one of the 13 Laws of Success as taught by Napoleon Hill, DECISION, is what he called the “Master of Procrastination” for when we decide to do something and then DO IT, the vision is set forth into a powerful momentum.

All it requires is for us take the first ACTION step. The scarier it is, the more powerful the experience on the other side most likely will be. And just remember, we can have it all…but we just can’t have it all at once. Slowly, day by day, we build, create, generate and organize and suddenly we find ourselves on the other side of everything we’ve wanted.

This is where creating a vision with solid action steps, timelines, and accountability, is a powerful way to remove the self-stalling and excuses and distractions that deplete our energy. Instead, we can simply begin. Imagine, even if for a moment, what would happen if you just did the thing?

The book of the month  The Science of Success by Julia Seton, written in 1914 talks about “doing it now” as the watchword of success. 

“.‘Going to do it’ never gets anyone anywhere, and those who rise powerfully to the top of their own mountain of success are those who first survey the path to this mountain pass and then, taking the bit of the bridle of their own lives in their teeth, race to success. 

Do it now! We may have only one-tenth of one percent perfection when we start anything, but practice makes perfect, and out of the very crudest material will come a gem, polished by use into a resplendent brightness. It is better to do and fail and profit by the wisdom born of this failure, than to sit down in unexpressed genius and atrophy from disuse. ‘The past is spent, the future is thy God’s, today is thine, hold fast the precious treasure.’”

The act of putting off the small things can inadvertently leak the energy we have to build the thing we want…and we might not even realize it. To combat this, take some time to make a scary list, one that calls us out on our bullshit:

We call this a procrastination list.

This is a practice that blows us away again and again, seeing clearly on paper all the items we could easily square away if we just did them rather than putting them off until some distant “tomorrow,” allowing unnecessary anxiety to build inside instead.

However mundane or important these things may be, get them all off your chest. If you’ve been putting something off in any capacity, jot it down. Give yourself a reasonable deadline to complete these items. And give yourself an easy one to do first, and relish in the satisfaction of crossing it off. Putting off cleaning the house? Paying a bill that’s been sitting around for weeks? Making that dentist appointment it’s definitely time for? Finally creating that business plan? Signing up for that gym membership? Organizing your closet?

As you move through your list – you’ll notice some of these may have been things that have been put off for a long time, waiting until just the right moment. Just remember a very helpful mantra: done is better than perfect.

Our need for perfection is another roadblock that hinders us from what we need to do, because there’s always the chance we could wait and make it better. But as Seton says, “The world is full of those who are ‘going to do it’ and so it is full of failures.” The failure comes from the NOT doing it, rather than doing it “wrong”. There is no right or wrong – just learning curves that we grow from along the way. Creating this practice for ourselves starts to build the self-trust muscle and fosters self-sovereignty so we can know, deep down, that we are truly capable of doing anything.

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Dagný & Eva


Chat of the month about this months theme with Eva & Dagný

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The Ritual Book Club

In this book THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS written in 1914 Julia Seton shows that by controlling our minds and concentrating on what we desire, we can attain anything.

Meditation for procrastination

This is a kundalini meditation to get rid of the idea that you can not do it, your ‘I couldn’t’. It gives you the ability to go beyond your blocks and to excell. Get rid of your procrastination by making your will so positive and clean and clear, that you control the idea of ‘I couldn’t’.

Chanting meditation with the mantra HAR

Interview with Rúna Magnús

We had a chat with the mindblowing Rúna Magnús life coach and author that has inspired many to expand and get out “of the box” as she calls it. We hope you are as impressed with her as we are! She is going to be our coach for the next 6 motnths and we just can´t wait to start!

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Pilates with Magga Weiss

Magga is our favourite pilates teacher in Iceland. She teaches in the rvk ritual studio and here is a class for YOU!

Enjoy this workout that works on your center and the third chakra!

A new 4 week class with her starts APRIL 11th in our studio at Seljavegur 2!

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