Wellness Essentials for 2023

Happy new year everybody! We are so excited about the year to come and are planning some exciting things…. Eva is at the moment enjoying the sun in Florida and Dagný is in Iceland starting the year teaching at our studio, meditation & ceramics and more! We just started the first Self Mastery class of the year with an amazing group of women and we can´t wait to meditate daily with accountability and do some self reflection. We also can´t wait for Purify week to restart our diet and uproot any self sabotaging habits for this new year. We want to include the community in the purify journey so we wanted to start the year on our blog with our favourites wellness tools in our kit  for the coming year.

  1. ÖRLÖ We are such fangirls of the Icelandic supplement brand ÖRLÖ that is using high-tech solutions to grow micro algae in a sustainable way. In this way, they can produce Omega-3 fatty acids from their primary source (fish get their fatty acids from algae) without harming the environment of fish and the ocean! The production is carbon negative and powered by clean, Icelandic energy (we even went there ourselves). Their packaging and branding is also so pretty & luxurious that we are loving having their prenatal DHA and Immunity boozt sprey  on display and the best part,; their gel tablets ensure three times better absorption of nutrients in the body than other sources. Use code rvkritual for 20% off!
  2. TUNGLDAGBÓK – Our favourite planner cofounded by our very own astrologer Jara GianTara. This is our favourite tool to be organised in our personal and professional lives. It supports us in not overbooking our days and helps our focus on having more space for creative flow. This is the 3rd year of this planner and it gets better every year! In it you can not only plan & dream you can also follow the moon and the planets to better understand the energies going on at each time.
  3. HAIR RITUAL – Our very own Rvk Ritual herbal hair supplement that is made for hairloss & growth. We developed it with experts when Dagný was breastfeeding and loosing alot of hair! The best part is the hormonal support the plants in this products give us with heroes like Icelandic seaweed, nettle & horsetail being full of minerals and vitamins in a form that the body understands.
  4. SMUDGE SET – Cleaning our homes and workspaces of stagnant energy with Sage & Palo Santo (holy wood) in the beginning of the year is a powerful way to start fresh. We love burning first sage & then palo and walking slowly & mindfully through our space. Palo Santo & sage have been used in ritual around the globe for centuries and smell amazing as well.
  5. THE BALM Developed by Eva Dögg when she couldn´t find a clean enough product on the market. She created this all purpose whipped balm that is so juicy on the skin. Perfect to use for any bodypart in need of a loving touch, hands, lips, feet, elbows, baby bumps and baby bottoms.
  6. THE LUBEGood sex is also wellness and the lube takes sex to another level. The Rvk Ritual lube is a clean, oil based lube that smells amazing and has a nice cooling, heating & tingling effect. Perfect to uplevel your sex life in 2023!
  7. SWIMSLOW – We love the brand SWIMSLOW the Icelandic sustainable swimwear brand, that now actually has a showroom in our studio! What a manifestation on our end<3 The founder Erna Bergmann is a magical yogi & creative director that makes everything she touches beautiful. We are loving the new one shoulder one piece Brimketill that makes swimming & time in the sun or sauna that more classy. Available in black, hot pink, red & sea blue
  8. TEFÉLAGIÐLimiting caffeine and replacing some cups with high quality tea is always a good idea in our books. We have been exploring the teas & matcha from Tefélagið for the last two years and we are in love. The quality is next level as we are drinking newly harvested herbs rather than the usual tea we are used to from the store. Try out our favourite JURTATE from them or the relaxing CAMOMILLE.