Making of the SPACE

As you might have noticed we opened our headquarters & event space a year ago at Seljavegur 2, in Reykjavík. We have had alot of questions about the interior so we decided to answer it all in a blog post! We had been manifesting the right space for a year and it came at the perfect time. The space has alot of daylight, has a big meditation & movement room and offices, aswell as a showroom for our shop.

But when we got it, it was a big mess. It was dirty, the walls had an eighties lava texture to them, and the floor was a mess. It also needed a kitchen!

We started brainstorming on how we wanted it to look and came up with a concept that was pretty out of our comfort zone. We are usually warm beige, pastel colors and plants, but we wanted something fresh and to represent our vision as a gallery inspired movement & meditation space. A peaceful place that calms the nervous system. We also wanted to use environmental friendly paint & methods in this process.

We started working on the floors, we needed to take up all the previous flooring of this space. Parquet, cork tiles all the way down to concrete. We then got professionals to clean up the concrete and put clear lacquer on it, and we were so happy with it.

But at the beginning of the brainstorm stage went to Sérefni and decided on a color palette of cool grey tones for the walls and black for the doors and windows in the office. We also found this amazing material Kalk sparl that we used in 3 different grey tones (and we made two of them SILVER) on three walls in the space, to bring in texture and really bring it all together. HÖH málun helped us with the sparl walls and made them look absolutely beautiful. Almost everybody that visits the space asks about how we made the walls with this texture. So now you know!

The rest of the space was painted top to bottom with paint from Sérefni, the best paint we know, and the service there is so good!

With the kitchen we decided on having it a fully steel kitchen so it would match the cool minimal vibe. We actually found the perfect steel kitchen in ikea!

After that it was time for our favourite part of the process, thrifting and buy the furniture we needed. We always think about the materials we want before we go out shopping and thrifting. Glass, steel, mirror, black and a hint of wood was our mission. We found some great pieces around Reykjavik as well as thrifted some beautiful pieces. And then we added white sheer curtains to divide up the space and give it an ethereal vibe. But our most loved possession is definitely our white TOGO sofa that was a special order from France. A classic design that we have both loved for years. That really up-levels the space and gives the vibe we were hoping for. To spice things up a bit we also got a neon sign from  with a favourite quote “get high on your own supply”.

We love tending to the space and have now gotten new recycled rubber yoga mats and corc yoga blocks to make your experience a more beautiful one. And are now working on making a magical changing room and making the one on one room cosy for astrology readings and private sessions. So the space is always growing and it is an ongoing process that we love!

And now the amazing brand SWIMSLOW has joined us with a showroom in our space! Come and try out the amazing swimwear.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Eva & Dagný

Some photos before, during and after

After taking up the floors
HOH málum made the cool concrete looking walls
THE SILVER WALL made with kalksparl from serefni covered with silver
We put curtains to divide the space that give a dreamy vibe –  the togo sofa- the neon sign
The kalk sparl rougher texture from Sérefni with the aluminum floor list
The light in the space is magical, when it hits the Silver Wall