Understanding Your Own Energy | How to Bring Positive Energy

If you think about it, one could say that the fact that we collectively know so little about the energetic fields and workings of our world, is a little bit strange, to say the least. I think that none of us was introduced to such topics at school since our world views and educational foundations are all built upon ideas about a somewhat foreseeable and concrete reality and our languages are to a large extent built around the factors of our world that we can see, touch and define. 

When it comes to describing an existence where intangible factors are part of our reality art, music and poetry come the closest and, therefore I think we can all agree on how important those fields are for our societies.

But when it comes to intangible factors that we can sense in your environments, do we know how to understand and deal with them if we have not had open conversations about them? How can we understand or even acknowledge that we are all energetic beings and that everything in our reality is made out of energy and is existing in an energetic field if we don’t talk about it from the start and see it as an inevitable part of being alive?

I think we are all familiar with the idea of some people being more receptive or sensitive to their surroundings (energetic fields)  than others but to be clear; everyone senses energy, we just can get affected in more intense or less intense ways. These reactions also can depend on how emotionally connected each person is to themselves – the more connected the more affected. Of course, empathic levels within each individual also play a part as well as how well our own energetic fields are protected from outside influences. 

On a personal note I came to understand at quite an early age that energy affected me strongly and when I was very young my reactions were difficult both for me and other family members to understand or correctly respond to. I would get very upset if something felt out of place or alignment and this could be small things such as my clothes not matching well, my mom´s mood shifting, or someone not feeling genuine or acting out of character…I picked up on it all. 

I also remember incidents of being in public spaces (such as busses) and starting to cry endlessly because I saw the sadness in a person sitting next to me or my mother not being able to stop my crying for hours if I saw a dear being killed by a lion on a David Attenborough show  (even though animal shows were my absolute favorite). 

As I grew older I started to try to help if I could sense that people were out of alignment (even though I also got angry or upset sometimes) but in some cases, I tried to figure out ways to make people happy. Since I could see what was bothering them I could somehow also see what would make them happy and since I had a passion for drawing I started drawing pretty things that I knew they would like and gave to them. 

Now as an adult I still struggle at times and I have to be very careful of what I surround myself with. I can deliberately protect my energy from outside influences that can affect me and that is why I can be in public spaces most of the time but I try to not be in spaces where the energy it too chaotic, negative, violent,  or noisy. I try to limit watching the news, violent tv shows, interactions with ingenue people, etc. because sometimes it affects me without me even noticing it. 

As I stated before we are all energetic beings living in an energetic world and if you are anything like me and energy affects you strongly I just wanted to tell you that I get it. I really do. I also want to tell you that if you understand how this works you will start to see this as a gift instead of a problem. As I mentioned before it is also due to a lack of conversation and understanding of energy that we sometimes feel like high sensitivity towards energy is a negative or even difficult thing to understand. This is very far from the truth. 

But since I get it also want to offer some advice:

– Like the fact that I started drawing for people that I felt needed help connecting with themselves again or to feel happy you can find a way to help that comes directly from your core. Helping should not drain you and if it does you are acting out of alignment yourself. In cases when we don’t know how to help we can help find the right person that can help. Keeping everything balanced and in alignment.

– If your energy affects you a lot try to make a deliberate decision to create an energy shield that has some flexibility ;). This is a very smart shield because you will program it to only let in things that are for your highest good. This does not mean that it will not sometimes let in difficult things but because we need those from time to time order to develop and see who we are. 

– Prioritize sleep, clean food, high-quality hygiene and beauty products, books and entertainment materials that exercise your brain and are a) not violent b) not void of substance. Also, be in nature as much as you can. 

– Priorities relationships with people that act from the standpoint of personal power and integrity and have genuine conversations with you. 

– Try to support organizations, shops, companies, etc. that are actively making a change for a more transparent, responsible, and inclusive corporate world. 

– Find people like you who you can be around without your smart shield and do that as regularly as you can <3

Endless love,


Una Baldvinsdóttir is an artist and graphic designer from Reykjavik, Iceland. In addition to this she is also a highly sensitive person and a trained energy healer. She has a deep passion and interest for helping people to align with themselves and to be as healthy mentally and physically as possible. She also loves nature and is and avid spokesperson for its protection and respect.unabaldvinsdottir@gmail.com