We are facilitating Meditation & Breathwork courses called “Hugleiðsla og Andrými 2020” in Reykjavík (and possibly around Iceland) this year to get a meditation & breath movement going in 2020! – The next course is on Sunday, 16th february! JOIN US!

But WHY are we so passionate about this?

Meditation and breathwork is really a thing to experience not read about but still we want to tell you a little bit about WHY we meditate, where it all started for us and why you could and should get HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY!


“To be honest meditation & breathwork is a necessity to keep me sane. I first meditated when I was a very scattered teenager and my mother didn’t know what to do with me, so she took me to a yoga when it was not at all mainstream. I met this Indian man that had a yogastudio in an industrial street in Reykjavik. At the end of the class we sat in quiet and I felt for the first time the magic of meditating. It was uncomfortable yes, but it did give me some clarity for a brief moment. I did not start practicing then, but this sparked my interest and in my twenties I dived deep into meditation after struggling with addiction and looking for happiness in all the wrong places. I later got into breathwork while studying yoga in India. At the time I really lacked energy and was feeling low and my teacher told me how just breathing could transform my mood and energy levels in a matter of minutes. The benefits of my ongoing practice since (of course on and off, but mostly on), have been endless; I have “cured” my attention disorder, I am most of the time the happiest person in the room, I make better decisions at work and in life, I feel more connected to myself, I am more present, I have little to no anxiety when I meditate and breath everyday, I handle stress better, I am a better leader and I do not need to numb myself with tv, food or substances. That´s real freedom, right?”


“I meditate and breath to clean my mind. Just as I need to clean my physical body, I need to clean my mind. It keeps me healthy, it keeps me sane and it keeps me connected to myself. If I miss one day of meditation, I can instantly feel a huge difference in my being, my mind and my body.

I first meditated when I was about 17 or 18 years old, it was the first time I tried yoga and I thought it was the most boring thing I had ever done. But although it was boring (and kind of annoying) it did something for me. I was intrigued and I keep the experience forever in my heart. I could feel my body deeply and knew intuitively what it needed, which was really hard for me at that time, cause I was used to ignoring and hating my body. So obviously I didn´t really act on it nor repeat the experience until some years later when I moved to Denmark. And then I really got hooked. Looking back, I have always been very spiritual, curious and constantly seeking something. I started dancing ballet when I was 2 years old and found an escape in dance and classical music. When I was 12 and throughout my teenage years I was really into witchcraft and all kinds of different religions and though about converting to catholicism, buddhism, hinduism etc. every other week. When I was about 17 years old I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, around that time I really felt the power of meditation in the form of making art. Because I have always been very creative it was decided that my “price/award” for eating (and acting like a normal teenager) was to be allowed to make art and attend art classes and go to art school. I still didn´t really get the picture until years later, all that I was seeking outside of me, in the form of a very self-destructive, sometimes insanely fun and often difficult behaviour, was this whole time inside of me. And what a gift it is to be able to see that. But for me it takes daily practice. I have to remind myself of this gift that we all have every day, otherwise I forget.”



Dagný & Eva