The human body is amazing at adapting to different circumstances but he cannot do this magic without the right nutrition and support. Stress and fatigue is a worldwide problem that most of us deal with but many of us are so used to this that we barely notice that we are in flight and fight mode all day long. Keeping the cortisol constantly at the highest volume can burn out your body, put pressure on digestion, rapid aging, cause anxiety, fatigue, chronic colds, hormonal imbalance to name a few.

In 1958 Russian doctors named a group of herbs that help the body reach balance and work against stress Adaptogens, herbs that adapt to the problem. It is a group of herbs that support the body in what it needs and lower cortisol. They don´t have a specific purpose but are good for the body as a whole and jump in where they are needed. So it dosen´t matter if you are tired or stressed, adaptogens are supposed to bring you from the extreme to balance. They are no magic solution but can really help the body work against stress, anxiety and fatigue if taken on a regular basis.

These good herbs have been trending lately in the health world not surprisingly. Never in human history have they been more needed. We all need more natural ways to support us in our hectic lives to destress and get more energy. Meditation and breathwork are the cheapest and most effective way to lessen stress and adaptogens are the perfect support for those actions. The herbs do not work overnight or immediately like sugar or coffee so you have to wait patiently for the effects. The good news are they DO work.

I have tried many kinds of adaptogens and have had a big crush on the brand Moonjuice, trying out every product from the brand. The brand was founded by a woman called Amanda Chantal Bacon who herself was looking for ways to balance her body and launch herbal mixtures in beautiful branding. My favourite product from the brand is by far SUPER YOU, as it is a mix of adaptogens that target stress and truly lowers cortisol.

You cannot get Moonjuice in Iceland yet but we had to tell you about it, as stress is messing us all up. But you can get some of our favourite adaptogens in Iceland that lower stress like; ashwagandha and rhodiola in health food stores or straight from herbal doctors.

Try it and let us know if you feel it melting the stress!