Hi lovely human

This is our favourite membership theme so far, as we named our company by this concept: RITUAL. If you have done our Self Mastery class you already know alot about them and hopefully are practicing some in your life. If you are new to rituals, dont worry, we got you. By making this a membership theme we want you to dig deeper into this concept this month and ritualize your life, making it more juicy. In our fast-moving world, rituals have the power to ground and stabilize us, and keep us focused and purposeful. They increase confidence, provide us with a sense of security, alleviate the weight of grief and help reduce anxiety. And, above all, rituals are a sure fire way to increase happiness.

For us the concept rituals has a deep but also a simple meaning. The basic description of a ritual that  is “a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, actions, or objects, performed in a sequestered place and according to a set sequence. Rituals may be prescribed by the traditions of a community, including a religious community”.

Our definition has more of a mindfulness approach that we feel is deeply needed in the modern life. “Rituals are a series of actions and practices filled with intention. They cultivate a deeper sense of connection and devotion towards yourself, your community and your dreams. They can also create a sense of sacredness in your daily life. Transforming mundane things into a sacred experience”

Examples of known rituals are: bathing ritual, gua sha ritual, cacao ritual, tea ritual, palm inhalation, writing ritual, meditation and breathwork, yoga, grounding ritual, and more. 

But we also like making our daily and weekly things into rituals. Like making the bed, slowing down, doing it with love, spraying lavender on the pillows. Or meal prepping on sundays. (see at the end of this page) 

We believe that…

  1. Simple rituals inspire sacred experiences.
  2. When you move half as fast, you notice twice as much.
  3. Mindfulness is a lifelong practice 



We love our gua sha. Not just for the skin benefits but also for the ritual of it. Using a crystal to massage tension from our face is a deep form of self care.  Use whatever oil or cream you have before doing gua sha. 

*The Gua Sha stone is from the rvk ritual webshop, the cream, palo santo, sage, and abalone shell  as well. The music playing is SUNNIAI  – available on spotify


We love tea and tea rituals. Take ten minutes with me and pour yourself a cup of tea in a state of mindfulness. 

*Tea kattle and inner compass cards are from Rvk ritual webshop, roses from our studio, and if you want lovely loose and high vibe tea, we recommend Tefélagið.  


For a daily or weekly practice video we wanted to interduce you to Strala yoga and the Self Mastery graduate and yoga teacher SÓLVEIG RÚN.  Strala Yoga combines the movement and healing wisdom of tai chi with the form vocabularies of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, to help people release stress, move easily through challenge, and live radiantly inspiring lives. Try it out! 


A conversation with Sólveig Rún yoga and pilates teacher about her journey to health and wellbeing. We talk about responding to Covid, self mastery, strala yoga, natural beauty and more. Check out her Strala Yoga class starting in April


We love Sunday meal prepping. It has truly become a ritual in our lives. Nourishment is an important form of self care that never goes out of style. We start by putting on mantras and the purification blend (or any fresh essential oil) in the diffuser. Then we take out our favourite recipe books, open the ritual recipe book or favourite websites for recipes (deliciously ella.com for example) and get creative with the menu of the week. Then we clean the fridge, make a list of what needs to be bought, and meal prep what we can. This can be a glorious moment with the right setting and intention of self love and love for your family.

For those of you in ICELAND: We just made a grocery basket with NETTÓ for the Self Mastery purify week but we also wanted to share it with you as it is FULL of our kitchen stables, the things we cannot live without. Check it out by visiting Nettós page, and under “byrjendakörfur” click the rvk ritual basket.