Dear Ritual Club,

Some of our greatest strength comes from fostering a relationship with ourselves by seeking to better understand what is happening inside of our bodies.
Tapping into the rhythms of life, rhythms such as the phases of the moon, the change of seasons, our hormones and the menstrual cycle – can help you to connect deeper to your intuition. But to do this we need to slow down a bit. All practices this month, the Yoga Nidra soundfile & Yoga class are meant to slow you down, lessen stress so you can notice your surroundings more & especially your body. This month we want to focus on connecting to our bodies, and with that connecting to nature. Now when spring is here we can get out of winter moods, change our diet, the way we dress, how we spend time outside ect. Lets welcome this new season together by slowly getting more into flow.. with ourselves and nature. ENJOY & see you later in May for our Live Zoom Chat!

ATT! For those of you not worried about your cycle anymore, really start understanding the changes of the seasons and the cycle of moon this month to understand ourselves better and flourish! 


As some of our members are women in their reproductive years, we want to give you an intro into each phase of your cycle and how to flow with it not against it. As this is very important for women to know to understand themselves better. We as women have cyclical nutritional needs. They shift as your hormones shift in your regular cycle. And they shift as you move from your teens to your twenties to your thirties and forties and beyond. If you have done SELF MASTERY, you should have documents on each cycle put we will also link it below for you to read again. But more importantly than trying these tips out, try listening deeper to your body and exploring what it needs in each phase. With this tool you can ease your symptoms, live with less pain, and look and feel your best! Which is what every woman (and human) deserves. Below in the workbook we give a tiny little intro into each phase and tips on what the body could need.

If you want to start documenting your cycle we have an exel sheet here that you can duplicate and fill out to see your patterns. Do this for a couple of months to really see if there is a pattern in energy, mood ect. Click here for the google sheet:

The Ritual Book Club

This book is a MUST READ for every women still in their reproductive years. When Eva & Dagný first read it, it was a game changer! If dealing with PMS, low energy, sex drive issues, and fertility issues, this book is a godsend. It is full of knowledge every women should know. We live in a world made by men, for men so to really flourish we need to understand our hormone system and how we work.

Most women know very little about our hormonal biochemistry, and as a result, we’re making choices about our menstrual care, fertility, and libido that have long-term negative repercussions.”


This YOGA NIDRA soundfile is a relaxation meditation to listen to lying down. Yoga Nidra is the yogic sleep and has been studied to be a form of rest that really benefits the nervous system. With it you can release tension & trauma in the body and mind. 

Listen to this anytime that fits you, download it and keep it on your phone. Listen with headphones and even with a small towel over your eyes to go deeper. 


As our practices this month are focused on slowing down we made a very soft movement class to loose up your back and shoulders. Perfect to do when on your period or anytime you want so stretch and move a little bit. 25 minute very soft flow you can do anywhere, anytime!

Ritual Chat with Ingeborg Andersen

We are so, so excited for you to meet Ingeborg Andersen. She is our herbalist and a new friend. She is our GO TO for everything concerning digestion, hormones, energy, and more. She is so knowledgeble and full of wisdom. We recommend doing a 1 on 1 with her for support with your health and wellbeing or taking her class on hormones. She will also be doing herbal walks just outside of Reykjavik this summer.  


Ritual recipe of the month

Raw carrot salad for hormones

We are adding the recipe of the month to our membership! it may not always be complicated but always meant to make your body more healthy and life more juicy.

This months recipe is as simple as it gets but it is truly amazing recommended by our herbalist (interview above) Ingeborg Andersen. This is also trending now as it is delicious, easy and great for women!

The super easy Raw Carrot Salad that’s great for detoxifying excess estrogen, getting rid of stubborn belly fat, and for balancing and maintaining good gut bacteria. Estrogen Dominance is very common nowadays due to many things (stress, parabens in beauty products, long term use of birth control)

Raw Carrots contain a unique fiber that absorbs excess estrogen and helps to sweep it out of the body. This unique fiber also helps to balance and maintain good gut bacteria, which helps to support overall digestion.

Its also so tasty and great on its own aswell as a side dish

We recommend this:

  • The carrots be raw (uncooked), whole stalks (no baby carrots), and preferably organic to avoid toxic pesticides.
  • Do not peel the carrots because the skin contains extra beneficial vitamins and phytonutrients (but make sure to rinse them!)
  • For best results, eat the salad fresh or within the same day of prepping it.
  • If you don’t have time to make this salad, you can eat the carrot on its own and still reap the detoxifying benefits.



1-2 Whole Carrots, rinsed and then peeled into spagetti form or grated

1 tsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2-1 tsp Raw honey (optional) OR Fresh dill

Pinch of sea salt to taste

Mix it all together and enjoy fresh!