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We are making some updates on the membership to make it more interactive and useful for you. Firstly we want to be in more touch with you so we will have a monthly live class on ZOOM for you to join from now on. The zoom will always be in the middle of the month and will give us a chance to check in and have a live class with you guys if you can make it. (it will also be uploaded into the membership as it will be during work hours for many) Before the class we will send you an email with a zoom link and you will be able to reply the email and ask questions on the theme of the month (or anything really).

Also next week you will be able to see on the WELCOME page for the membership new links that will direct you straight to the videos in a different way for you to better use the videos of past themes, so if you are looking for meditation, breathwork, movement, interviews you can click that link and find what you need at that moment!

We hope these add-ons and changes will make your journey to more wellbeing easier and that you feel more support from us! 


This month the focus is all on money. This can be very triggering for many. Some of us have labelled money as “bad” and think it is a greedy mindset to want more of it. But money is just energy, and we put so much weight on money because of its association with our survival, security, and safety. The energy of abundance is really expanded self-worth; the higher your self-worth, the more money you will feel worthy of calling in. And we all want better self worth, right?

This time of the year is perfect for working with this energy as it is the season to plant seeds!

Mastering the mindset of wealth is choosing to think, feel and act about our financial reality in a way that will make us rich, not keep us poor. Not only does this simple shift have the power to magnetize an abundance of prosperity our way, but this energetically liberates our body, mind and spirit from feelings of “not enough” – the source of all lack. Because when we feel confident around money, our projection brightens, elevating other areas of our lives as well. Rather than worrying about our current financial situation, we can practice having faith that the Universe will always send us what we need because it wants to see us succeed.


To start with it is powerful to look at the past at our programming. Money flows based on the beliefs you grew up with as they sink into your subconscious, how much you have shown your subconscious that you can expand beyond these limiting beliefs, and what your level of subconscious self-worth is. So, in order to uplevel your relationship with money, you must first uncover the programming around finances that you picked up in childhood. 

Here are a few questions to give you a better understanding of your own programming around money. Go slow through these. Be gentle, but honest.
This is about finding the specific patterns and memories in your subconscious that are still looping and blocking you.

  • What did your parents do for a living while you were growing up
  • What was your mother and father’s relationship to money and worth, while you where a young child? Are you in a similar situation now?
  • Did you have a mother who stayed at home and was utterly reliant on outside sources to support her? Do you find yourself in a similar situation or unable to support yourself?
  • What was the economic state of the community you grew up in? Especially those that you were close to and identified with? Do you find yourself in a similar state now?
  • What were conversations around money like? Positive or negative? 
  • What was money used for? (Survival? Control? External validation? Manipulation? Perfectionism? Status?)
  • Did money represent something that made you resent it? (divorce battle, abandonment, no attention because of a working parent, or greedy parents, family members, or friends? Was money the only way your parents showed love?)
  • Were you encouraged by your caretakers, siblings, and teachers to achieve success through your passions and talents? 
  • What does money represent to you today? Why do you want it? 
  • Did you ever have a painful or shameful experience(s) surrounding earning money?

After all this digging to move some energy right now, answer these 3 questions quickly:





Lack Mentality is one of the most common money blocks. 

When you have a subconscious lack mentality, your actions largely come from this lack. And you’re subconsciously projecting this lack – whether you mean to or not. You’re communicating to the Universe some variation of: “I don’t deserve this,” “I’m pushing it away out of fear of things I witnessed in childhood,” or “I can’t have xyz amount of money.” 

5 Signs You Have Lack Mentality

  • You don’t spend any money outside of necessities/bills, and when you do, you feel guilt or fear.
  • You feel scared you’ll never have enough money and resources.
  • You’re judgmental of other peoples’ spending habits.
  • Unexpected bills and expenses are very triggering.

TRUST: live in prosperity, not in poverty

To get out of lack mentality or overcome any money blocks you might be dealing with it is most effective to work with our subconscious by doing meditations, affirmations and also listening to reprogramming exercises (all below). But one of the simplest way to start is to work on trusting the Universe. Trusting that you will have enough. And that you will be ok. Of course it is the finding the balance between taking accountability of how you treat money aswell as being in trust that gives the best results. 

Think about how many times you needed money for something whether it be rent, school or a trip. As soon as you released fear, worry and control, and your energy was no longer directed toward lack or tied up to the outcome obsessively, it often came through, almost miraculously.

Often times when we want something, we become so obsessed with the outcome and wanting it so badly that we can hinder its process because in the wanting we can actually focus on the fact that we don’t have it yet rather than trusting.

Trust is such a hard one for so many of us because by the time we start asking for something or wanting to manifest something, we’ve already reached a breaking point and want it badly. This is why it’s so important to have a VISION and focus on the excitement of what you want rather than having the lens turned toward the direction of not having it yet.

Remember, the subconscious mind is just a factory that creates reality. It doesn’t know the difference between yes and no, good and bad, it’s simply a computer that outputs whatever it’s being received as input. So by focusing on the lack we actually tell our subconscious mind to produce lack. When we focus on the VISION and what we want, then it becomes more momentum for the subconscious mind to create it. We have to learn how to lean into the VISION, do the meditations and channel faith – consciously and unconsciously – toward the infinite possibilities in our seen and unseen realities, allowing them to appear in our lives. This is why our meditation practice is so important because it unravels all of our unconscious patterning for us so we can trust the process even more.


  1. Educate yourself and get honest with where your are with money and where you want to be. 
  2. Do this daily affirmation: I AM SO GRATEFUL NOW THAT I HAVE xxxx amount of money
  3. Do a daily meditation, try out the chanting meditation one with us below AND TRY THIS MONEY HYPNOSIS FROM ONE OF OUR TEACHERS, If you can´t fit it in your day listen to prosperity mantras throughout the day: HERE
  4. Practice daily gratitude for the things you have


Money chat about this months theme with Eva & Dagný

We go through

  • our own stories of unblocking money
  • honesty and accountability around money
  • different types of blocks

The Ritual Book Club

This title is a little too much, but it really is a healthy affirmation. The book includes the wisdom of the most celebrated motivational writers of all time is distilled into one brief playbook for unlocking the prosperity-power of your mind. CLICK BELOW TO BUY IT OR READ MORE ABOUT IT

Meditation to manifest

Yogis have called this meditation a “money manifestation brilliance” and designated this manta as the mantra for the “money minting time of year” March-April. You can practice this meditation any time you want to wake up more prosperity in your life but it is especially powerful to practice during the post-Spring Equinox window when the time is auspicious and fertile for planting seeds of abundance. 
It is so good to own your soundcurrent and do a chanting meditation to work on the 5th chakra. Use the video (Evas mic turned off so Dagný has an interesting solo performance haha) to do the meditation or just chant with the mantra and in position for 11 minutes on spotify HERE
Here is the mantra to read in the beginning while learning it: 



Har Har Har Har Gobinday

Har Har Har Har Mukunday

Har Har Har Har Udaaray

Har Har Har Har Apaaray

Har Har Har Har Hariang

Har Har Har Har Kariang

Har Har Har Har Nirnamay

Har Har Har Har Akaamay

Interview Katrín Amni

We had a chat with the amazing Katrín Amni, Co-owner and CEO of Ice-herbs a supplement company that focuses on creating supplements with Icelandic herbs. 

We are so inspired by her investing in herself by having a life coach, her educating herself on investing and being mindful around money. 


we love the D vitamin with Rhodiola and the Milkthistle with Icelandic Moss!

Also follow her personal Instagram HERE

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