Boundaries are energetic, verbal, or actionable limits we put in place to advocate and honor the needs of our whole and complete authentic sense of self. Anything physical, emotional, situational or relational in your life that is out of alignment with your authentic self will take up space in your energetic field and become a block. 

A boundary marks a limit that may not be crossed. For the purposes of your boundaries are the limit of what you will and will not accept in your personal, professional, romantic, family (etc.) relationships. 

A boundary can be physical, mental, emotional, or energetic.


Having your personal space violated, your thoughts disrespected, your feelings abused or neglected, someone speaking to you in an abusive way, etc.

Boundaries are set when you make a verbal, physical, or energetic communication that indicates a certain threshold should not be crossed. You can ask yourself these questions to understand if a boundary is being crossed or you have not set a strong enough boundary to prevent this from happening:

  • Does it impede on emotional or physical wellbeing?  

  • Does it make you feel small or like you are settling?

  • Do you feel like you are being taken advantage of (physical, emotional, financial, energetic, self, etc.)?



  • Put the boundary you are looking to set as a headline on its own page. 

  • Then write out three columns on each page: energetic/subconscious, verbal, actionable.

  • Under each section, write out the steps you’ll need to take for each one and set yourself deadlines for these boundaries. These could be time-bound (in the next month) or situational deadlines (the next time I need to stand up for myself at work).

  • The most important aspects will be doing the meditations and practices (which is how you make energetic changes) and following through with action. 

  • Setting boundaries may feel lonely as old situations/people shed, but as they do, you’re creating the space needed for new manifestations to come through.

    Boundaries Formula

  • 1. Draw a line in your mind on what you will no longer accept 

  • 2. State your needs

  • 3. Follow through

The first step involves subconscious reprogramming work to make energetic changes in how you project into the world and how you choose to act. All types of self work help with this; taking classes, therapy, one on one sessions with a teacher. This helps you determine what you will no longer accept. If verbal is needed, you’ll then communicate with words. If the offense takes place again after communication, you’ll need to take action (distance yourself, step out of a hurtful relationship ect.)


Journal now for a few minutes about your boundaries history? Put a timer for 5 minutes.

Then answer this:  

Do you cross others peoples boundaries and/or your own?

If so how?

What or who do you waste time on? (this will make it clear where you need a boundary).

What are you afraid will happen if you put down a boundary, take an example from your life from relationship or work.

Now choose an area to work on your boundaries this month and get to work!

We will see you on the other side!

Eva & Dagný



Boundary chat about this months theme with Eva & Dagný


A simple but powerful practice will strengthen the nervous system and create boundaries. This aspect defends and preserves the balance of your identity and your projected roles under the pressure of actions, and under the influence of the expectations of others. It also actively sets boundaries in relationships.


The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body; it acts as a container for your life force, bringing confidence, security, mercy, and love. A strong aura attracts positivity and repels negativity, like a shield. Illness cannot penetrate to your physical body. It gives a strong sense of security and an uplifting presence. A weak aura can make you feel paranoid or a lack self-trust. Negativity can penetrate into the psyche and physical body.

In yogic tradition, it is  taught that this is a great kriya for keeping disease away and developing your aura.

Energetic Boundaries

We had the amazing Jara Gian Tara talk to us about energetic boundaries. How the aura works and let it work for you.