Dear ritual club lady

Happy December! We are getting in the holiday mood and wanted to inspire you to slow down during this fast paced time, prioritise and create a sacred time for you and your family. We all have a tendency to fall into too much speed, consumerism and co-dependency during this time of the year. So our theme for this month is SLOW LIVING. But what does that really mean and how to we achieve it?


It may sound simple but its actually a profoundly revolutionary idea to slow down in a roadrunner culture where every moment in a day is a race against the clock. The best way to describe slow living is to describe what it isn’t—It isn´t slowing down to a snail’s pace that doesn’t make sense in today’s fast-paced culture. Slow living isn’t about shutting down—it’s about stepping back strategically. Slow living IS about doing things at the right speed. Understanding that, sure, there are times to go fast and be busy—but there are other times when it pays to put the brakes on and slow down. Its about reconsidering our relationship to technology as well as our time. 

Another key element of slow living is letting go of the fear of missing out—and instead of trying to do every single thing, honing in on the things that matter. A cornerstone of being slow is saying no and developing strong boundaries (Boundaries theme coming in the membership February). It’s relearning the lost art of saying no, of prioritizing, of taking the time to pause, reflect, and look at your life and say, ‘What is really important?’ Then focus your time and attention on those things and let everything else go.

If you are wondering how to start your own exploration of slow, here are a few starter tips.

10 ways to get started with SLOW LIVING

  1. Understand that busyness is a choice
  2. Define what is most important to you (essentials)
  3. Say no to things that you do not want or need (the non essentials)
  4. Start slow and small by downshifting where you can
  5. Practice being present (even in the mundane)
  6. Create space and margin in your day (and life)
  7. Adopt a slow information diet
  8. Commit to putting your life before your work
  9. Get outside to clear your mind
  10. Find inspiration all around you


To adapt to slow living you truly need a strong clear vision on what you want your life to look like. You can make a monthly vision or a very specific family vision. Vision (vision month will also be a theme in january) is a powerful tool to help you put down boundaries. So if you have been to Self Mastery, visit your notes from the class and look at your vision for your life. If you are a newbie to vision work, take a moment to contemplate what you want your life to be like and write it down. It can be a bit challenging (in self mastery we go into the depths of this work as well as inner code and we will do a whole month on this in January where we GO DEEP) at first but see what comes up and let it marinate. 

We hope this helps you with making December the best one yet! 

So much love

Dagný & Eva


An intro to this months theme SLOW LIVING. We talk holidays, prioritising and boundaries.  


Dagný leads a simple yet powerful 15 minute kriya for stronger boundaries for the holidays


A short & beautiful visualisation perfect to do with family members, to learn and teach to your kids ect. This is a powerful practice to honour energetic boundaries and help you feel safe.

Interview : Creators of SHED HOME SUPPLY

We went to visit the creators Anthony & Ýr in Hafnafjörður, Iceland. They have a product line, greenhouse event space and a beautiful hand selected store called SHED HOME SUPPLY all in there home. Their house and garden are truly a wonderland to be seen and they have made their life as “hygge” as possible. We hope you enjoy the chat and get inspired to create your own vision for your life.