We wanted to dive into sensuality during scorpio season and really turn on and practice our sensuality. Sensuality can be defined as the ability to fully enjoy our senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Sensuality can sometimes be sexual, but it doesn’t have to be. Anything that makes you feel physically good can be sensual. Examples include pleasant sounds, delicious food, massage, having a bath, hugging, eating peanut butter, and watching a sunset. Sensuality is also connected to our feminine energies we all have within us. Turning UP our sensuality means getting softer, slower and more into the feminine flow. But HOW do we do this?

  1. Firstly set a timer for 3 minutes and journal a bit on how you define this word and if you are allowing yourself to express that side. 

    2. Next answer these questions:

  • Have I been living more in my masculine or feminine? Has this served me or does this serve others?
  • Do I take up space and fully ask for what I want or need, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually & sexually?
  • Do I let my beauty show even when I am tired, run-down, and stressed?
  • What do I most appreciate about my body and beauty right now?
  • What needs to happen for me to fully step into my inner beauty & sensual part of me (thoughts, feelings, beliefs and sensitivities)?
  • Do I surround my senses with beauty unique to what my soul & body?
  • What do I want my senses to feel, taste, touch, see, hear and perceive?

What objects/sounds/conversation/ made me feel sexual or sensual this year?

Here are a few steps we recommend for getting more in touch with your sensuality and feminine flow. Because the feminine is more about EXPERIENCE rather than KNOWLEDGE. So we need to do, not just know.

Naps and Sleep

Napping and sleeping is a wonderful way to connect to your body and spirit deeply. Your mind quiets down while sleeping and your subconscious switches on.

Love your Body 

Loving your body will give you the confidence, power, and courage to step out of your comfort zone, speak and shine your authentic personality and enjoy your life more. Make a gratitude list every day and name all the things that you can be grateful for, because your body is amazing. Imagine all you can do with your body: go for long walks, swim, run, dance, see, smell, touch, taste and hear, be intimate with your partner, give birth to a baby.

Your body is your home for this lifetime! Love it, care for it, nourish it and respect it!

Music and Dance 

Music is a beautiful way to experience peaceful bliss and spirituality. It helps you to melt into softness and your femininity. In order to truly embody and embrace your sensuality, seductiveness, overcome shyness and body shame start dancing intuitively. Moving seductively can greatly increase our confident and feminine energy!

Essentially, anything creative like dance, painting, or writing can merge your spirituality and sensuality.

Slow Down

A common aspect of both spirituality and sensuality is about not rushing, but savoring the moment. It is about enjoying the beautiful sunset and taking a moment to pause and breathe.

Be Present

Practice rituals and all kinds of self care. Take pleasures in simple things like a conversation with your partner, rain falling, making a cup of coffee, walking, or breathing. If you say or think that you love your body but you do not express that by nourishing your skin, hair, feet and pampering it with massage, good quality cosmetic products, would your body believe you?


Food is a portal to instantly connect to your body as well. Pay close attention to the foods you are consuming. Are they healthy? How does the plate look? How is it served? And more importantly, how do they make you feel?


Sex is a portal to experience unlimited bliss and peace and drop into a deeper level of connection with yourself and your partner. It’s a fusion of soul and body.


Draw a bath for yourself like you would draw a bath for a loved one. Turn on some music, light some candles, and let the bubbly water run in the bath tub. Wash every part of your body and relish in the delightful experience of melting into your feminine softness.


Anything that helps you to slow down and brings you back to the present moment is what connects you to your spirit and body. Walks are a perfect way to do this. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood. Surround yourself with nature. 


Having a massage is a great way to treat yourself. It can be a luxury but you can also do a self massage to nourish your mind and body and to awaken your senses. As you get a massage performed on yourself, feel every part of your body deeply. Listen to your body. Listen to your soul’s whispers at this time.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is working with your energy to heal your blockages and clear them. It is improving the flow of energy in your body to promote your physical and spiritual health.Working with someone to move your energy will allow you to connect to your divine femininity and sensuality because everything and everyone in this world is ultimately energy. Breathwork is also a powerful tool for this. You can unlock your masculine and feminine energy and learn to dance between the two.

Yoga or some kind of movement 

Movement awakens the spirit in our body. Try to feel more connected to your energy and heart while moving. That will make you feel balanced and try to notice how each exercise makes your body feel and if it brings peace or clarity.


As you know, it quiets and cleans the mind and you can feel your ego peeling away to reveal your soul’s desires and guidance instead. But we have to DO it not just know it!

Get Nude

Get nude more often! Women are flooded with the “perfect body image” in the mainstream media, that many do not feel beautiful or attractive enough in their body. Start looking at yourself in the mirror completely naked, tell yourself that you look beautiful, walk around naked in your house, meditate in your underwear. Sleeping naked more often will help you immensely to help you feel more confident in your body. It might seem awkward or scary in the beginning, but start by taking small steps (like sleeping only in underwear) and you will discover the sensual and confident Goddess within you very soon.

We hope you ENJOY our practice videos and intro to the theme. Later this month we will give you a sexy yoga flow but until then try out the meditation and breathwork and get inspired by the interview with the amazing BIRIJIWAN


Dagný & Eva


20 minute sensual yoga flow to unblock your chakras and get in touch with your sensual side


An intro to this months theme with Eva & Dagný. Just us chatting away on our own experiences and definition of the concept. 


A short breathwork session with Dagný to release stress and tension in the body. Good to do before or after the meditation with Eva


Try out this lead mediation and see if its something you need to do on a regular basis (for example always on venusday aka Fridays?) It helps us move energy between our chakras. 

Conversation with Birjiwan

..We are SO excited to have the AMAZING Birjiwan in the membership. We have wanted to introduce her to you guys for so long! She is truly a magical lady. The singer of our favourite mantra band SUNNIAI, a tao and kundalini teacher that focuses on sensuality and moving into the feminine. We hope you enjoy this conversation, our first one on Zoom so far.

FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/birjiwan_/

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