Hi lovely ladies! We hope your summer is bringing you joy and laughter!

The theme of August is “Beauty” but we are going to look into how we define the concept when it comes to ourselves.

Every person wants to feel beautiful but society is always telling us we are not enough. So we are on a mission to change this perception and get to the true essence of the meaning of Beauty. 

This month we are going to dip our toes into the concept but this is just an intro as we are writing a whole book on the subject and creating a new online class ready this fall.

One of the most remarkable effects of our Yoga practice has been a sense of comfort living in our own skin. As yogis, we have experienced the sense of Divine Beauty inside our own selves in meditation, and yet we still live in a world that has very different (and often conflicting) ideas of “beauty.” These ideas seep into our subconscious and cause us, especially women to feel flawed.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that beauty is an inside job, to get our subconscios on board with us.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which simply means beauty doesn’t exist on its own but is created by the observer. In other words, there is beauty in different forms and every person experiences beauty in a different way. 

As Yogis we know, that we all create our world from within and there is no „real“, unchanging reality or life as it is. It actually is all about change and how we adjust or handle it. Do we go with the flow or do we resist it? Maybe take a moment and contemplate about how you perceive and live your life.

Beauty, vitality and anti-aging are not external processes. True beauty and anti-aging is rooted in knowing how to access and activate your own human system to work efficiently, without stress and strain, and with intelligence. 

The point that we want to make is that it is not so much about make up and skin-care products per se even though we love it, but the biggest part is confronting your demons and habits and building your own radiance, or beauty, from the inside out

It is our responsibility to teach us to accept ourselves just as God made us.  A great yogi said, “The only difference between me and you is that I accept myself, absolutely, as I am.”

This is often the most difficult teaching to embrace.

Society places a high premium on some sort of made up standard of beauty. Many people and especially women go to great lengths to meet this standard of ‘beauty’ manicured, shaved and clipped, much like a well-kept lawn they strive to be considered attractive, perfect, ageless. But the deeper you dive into self-acceptance the deeper you relax into you as you the more you will resonate with the truth of these teachings: .A woman’s radiance is the fruit of the seeds of her own defined discipline and self love which she plants each day. Her body, when in balance, serves to expand that light to all.


We belive our beauty lies in being our authentic selves and we cannot do that if we are stressed. So, the main mission to feel and be beautiful is to take care of yourself in a deep way, so you feel less stress and more like your essence. 

We call these the true beauty hacks as the increase your lifeforce and vitality, and from there comes real beauty. 

The basics (you will never do this perfectly, nobody does)

  • Prioritise sleep and going to bed at the same time every night. 
  • Drink enough water to feel energised.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Do breathwork.
  • Priorotise healthy communications.
  • Focus on eating food filled with prana (vegetables & fruit).
  • Move your body in a way that you love.


  • Cold Showers – in the morning.
  • Cat Cow just a minute or two of cat cow in the morning to keep the spine young, healthy and flexible.
  • Breast Massage – When you take a shower or bath, massage your breasts to add circulation to them.
  • Stretches – Stretch every day. There’s an exercise called “mental standard.” Three times during the day, to check your mental strength, sit down and stretch your legs straight, hold your toes in your hands and try to touch your knees with your nose. Anytime you feel tense, it shows how much your energy is off and you need to balance it.
  • Digesting – Whenever you eat try sitting on your heels for five to seven minutes after eating. If it is possible for you, in the evening lie down flat on your back while sitting on your heels. Between five and seven minutes is a must. 
  • Simple body oil self massage Abyanga 2x a month or more.


We are lovers of the less is more policy when it comes to skincare, make up and hair care. But we do love the things we do and the things that actually work. Here are a few of the basic things we do for our skin and hair.

  • Gua sha – 2-4 times a week.
  • Rvk ritual Hair ritual supplement daily.
  • Oil cleansing at night after taking off makeup.
  • Washing the face with cold water in the morning.
  • Eva´s All purpose cream on the whole body and face.
  • Using non toxic make up & hair products.
  • Dry brushing face and body before shower.


We hope this months theme inspires you to feel beautiful and not feel any more pressure than is already on us women especially, but this goes for most humans however you identify yourself.

Although both of us work in the wellness industry, we also find ourselves stressed out by our career and lives. This is very normal and that is why we practice the householders yoga; Kundalini. Everywhere in society they are saying you have to do this or that but nobody can live up to a “perfect”  standard. And we are not meant to. Just get inspired by it, DO YOU and keep us posted!

We both have our bad days and demons we are battling. We do not want to appear like we have it all figured out, “We are good! You’re a basket case!” That is something that was maybe done in the Piscian Age, but not here in the Aquarian Age. We want to tell you truthfully WE UNDERSTAND, WE ARE DEALING WITH THIS SHIT TOO. But lets take our power back and not spend our lives being unhappy with ourselves!

The key to well-being is balance however you define it, do what makes YOU happy and works for YOU. Not just because somebody recommends it. For us, yoga, even if it means a three-minute breathing exercise on busy days, has provided concrete result. For you it can be something else!  

We hope you enjoy the talk, interview and practices this month and keep on reminding yourself that you are BEAUTY!

Beauty Talk

A talk with Eva & Dagný on there approach to beauty and how they look at it. They talk about the stress personality and how we have to know what is your true essence and what is stress. We hope you enjoy this easy going chat! We would love to hear from you what you are struggling with concerning this topic. (info@rvkritual.com) 

Self Care Breath

An effective and simple breath work that you can do for five minutes and really change your energy. Use the diaphragm to push the air out the O shaped mouth and let the inhale come naturally. 

Beauty Kriya

The purpose of this set is to make you enchantingly beautiful. This short kriya can make a real difference. It increases your radiance, physically and mentally. Many of us have lost contact with the essence of beauty. It is a radiance of soul that shines through the physical appearance and beyond. This series elevates you to a level of consciousness where you can appreciate the new inflow of energy. 

Conversation with Karin

We got the lovely Karin the owner of NOLA our favourite boutique for all things beauty to come talk to us about her story, her definition of beauty and female entrepreneurship

We hope you enjoy this conversation. 

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