"When we open our mouths and vibrate a word into the field, the vibration of the word programs the field. We tell everything what to do, all the time, with the vibrations from our words and thoughts. This is our method of programming our lives. We are born with it. This ability to tell reality what to do is God's gift to mankind. Do we know it? Do we take advantage of it?"

One of the most important teachings in existence is the power of your Word. As Florence Scovel Shinn writes, “Your word is your wand.” This means that every word we speak into vibratory existence is creating a resonance that will influence our experience. We want to make sure that whatever we communicate, to Self and others, we are doing so to build for a better tomorrow. With one sentence you can build a brighter future or you can unravel everything you have spent precious time and energy creating, whether that be a vision or a relationship or even a self-concept. Whenever we speak, it’s important to take inventory of what elements are part of Conscious Communication


As we become more curious about our communications and how what we say affects how we feel, act, and engage with the world, we begin to master the Word. There is one important line that resonates with lineages across time and space: In the beginning was the Word and the word was GOD. In the Kundalini Yoga lineage, the word GOD is revered as the high source of creative power within each of us, the power of the word and sound and energy for us to GENERATE / ORGANIZE / DELIVER your Vision into reality. However, the D is a double-edged sword: it can mean to either DELIVER (keep your word) or DESTROY (not do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. As we begin to master the Word, we also begin to take notice of what word we give, what we can commit to, and where we hold ourselves back based on patterns and self-sabotage. For within us, we each have the immense power to create a new reality, using our words as building blocks for our actions and holding ourselves accountable to the power of our WORD.


The 5th Chakra is known as the Seed of Manifestation. It is associated with the throat and our voice. Whatever Vision we have, it is when we declare it that it begins to manifest into physical form. And when we take it a step further and look at HOW we declare what we desire, we can observe how our communications are vibrating either trust in our ability to create or fear that we are not able to make it happen. For example, take notice of the following statements and observe which is the strongest:


As we begin to Master our understanding of the Power of the Word, it’s important to take a closer look at the words we choose on a daily basis. Words are like software programs, our minds are the hard drive, and our experience of life is like the screen that shows us everything. The words we choose have their own frequency embedded within them. As R.Neville Johnston shares in his book, The Hidden Language Codes, many of these words are unfortunately programmed with doubt, fear and lack. As we begin to practice Conscious Communication on a daily basis and we begin to look at the words we choose, we can pay attention to a few aspects of our own communications to see whether they are creating feelings of empowerment or feelings of defeat

If we take everything we have learned so far, we know that the words we speak hold power. They influence how we view ourselves, how we experience the world, and also how the world experiences us. Why is this important? Because if we want to change our lives it’s essential to change the words we use, the thoughts we think and the actions we take on a daily basis. Our words shape our intent and our intent shapes our actions and our actions shape who we are. For example, as Neville teaches in The Hidden Language Codes: “To say ‘I will do this’ is significantly different from ‘I will try to do this.’ They are different in intent. We are in charge of the part of the universe that manifests our reality. ‘Intend’ is a weak word next to the word ‘decide.’ As we begin to dive deeper into Conscious Communication, we begin to observe words we use that hold us to patterns we no longer want to experience as well as words we use that allow us to continue to play it small. 

Take Inventory :

Use the following prompts to guide you over the next few days. Remember, this isn’t about
changing anything yet but simply taking inventory of your current communications – inner and
outer – and how they are affecting your life, relationships, and current experiences of reality

01 Write down one experience of complaining or speaking negatively this week towards you or other.

02 What words did you use?

02 How did it make you feel when you were complete? Did you feel in your power? Did the other person receive the communication in a way that felt supportive?

03 What could you do differently next time?


This meditation clears our communication and supports us on our journey to conscious communication. Perfect to do daily. 


Breathwork helps unblock the 5th chakra which is the energy station from where we communicate. In this video we teach you 2 very different breathwork to either use together or separately. The lions breath for more courage and aggression and the Brahmari pranayama to release frustration and anger so we can communicate from a place of softness.


Try this short 12 minute flow with Eva to open up your 4th and 5th chakras for communicating from the heart. 


Meet our amazing friend Thelma Björk. She is a yogateacher, designer, mom of three and overall badass. She is so powerful and someone we really love and admire. We hope our conversation inspires you to uplevel your communications.