Self Practice

Vision ends and action begins! This week is all about creating your effective and healing personal self practice. Learning to craft and take responsibility for your own self practice makes you able to develop it better and decide on your commitments. This is the foundation for your overall wellbeing and success. We are not making a practice we SHOULD do but that we CHOOSE to do.

Assignments: Read the workbook well and look for the physical assignments to try out if you want and writing assignments to do that are powerful for self reflection. This chapter is about studying habits and rituals, and picking and choosing what your are curios about.

Meditation of the week: Start trying the new meditation on SATURDAY! We will do a live on instagram and you can read about it in the workbook. We start doing the Rebels Breath, then do the rvk ritual led meditation and UPLEVEL option is a powerful kundalini kryia.

Instagram: We will show some rituals on the instagram and show you into our routines and daily habits that are serving us.

GUEST TEACHER: Ingeborg Andersen will have a LIVE next Wednesday on the instagram and Margrét Weisshappel will lead a pilates class aswell during the week.

MORE MOVEMENT: Check out THE RITUAL METHOD movement video below if you want to get a spiritual workout! PASSWORD: RITUALMETHOD

Video: There will be video lectures from us uploaded on MONDAY on this weeks theme.

Rvk ritual meditation: As you are crafting your self practice we wanted to give you a led meditation so you can do it anywhere, on the daily after this class ends, you can use the live stream and try downloading the soundfile and have on your phone to listen to on your own.

Circles: When ready, share with your circle your ideal self practice to really put it into action. By sharing it you are increasing the chance that you will follow it. Also share with them when you do any rituals and your experience of them.