Create your vision, set goals and start manifesting! This week is about looking to the future. Vision can be such a powerful tool for wellbeing and keeping us on our path. Now you can start dreaming and setting goals after studying yourself and understanding yourself better in the first week. So start reading the new workbook!

Meditation of the week: Live on instagram MONDAY at 7:00 GMT we start doing the new very powerful meditation & breathwork! The theme is FOCUS and owning our soundcurrent and by that balancing the 5th chakra. Below is a link to the mantra if you want to do the meditation without the tutorial video any time this week. 

VISION TALK : Guest teacher Bella Morgan, buisness & holistic coach speaks on the topic of MANIFESTING on WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 20:00 GMT

Assignments: Read the workbook well, do the assignments! This chapter is about your vision!

Live community practice: At 14:00 pm GMT on Thursday <3 

Deep imagining shadow audio file: This10 min. deep imagining to take a closer look at your shadow self, to do only ONCE this week. This helps us own all parts of ourselves and with that be more authentic. 

Video: There will be video lectures uploaded on the site Wednesday morning . Watch it on your phone, wherever your are!