The perfect gift for a dear friend or your lover.

Comes in a beautiful giftbox and includes a postcard with a ritual & a qr code to our fav meditation and sexy playlist

THE BALM & THE LUBE : everything you need to feel good 

THE LUBE – pure, personal lubricant. Our oh so popular cult lube that has been elevating sex & pleasure for Icelanders for years now. This pure personal oil based lubricant arouses SEXUAL instinct, and increases PLEASURE with it´s perfectly curated APHRODISIAC scent. It gently COOLS, HEATS & TINGLES the skin, and has a anti – INFLAMMATORY & ANTI-MICROBIAL properties. It is also great for overall vaginal health & a sensual massage! (pssst, you can also put it on your hands, feet ect and use it as a deoderant or perfume when in need!)

ATT! makes condoms less safe!

156 ml


THE BALM – All Purpose Cream. Our bestseller!  This  magical cream is made with pure, organic ingredients, including skin superheroes; Shea Butter, Coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and high quality essential oils that make it smell divine.

Use on all family members and anything that needs a healing and loving touch; hands, lips, cheeks, neck, chest, boobs, hair, heels, nails, eyes, elbows, new tattoos and a growing belly. Great for doing oil cleansing & gua sha as well.

Includes a QR code to our favourite meditation to do on the daily for less stress!

156 ml