Copper Brass Scalp Comb


We are so proud to have this beautiful tool in our beauty toolbox! We are really focusing on hair health this winter and are so excited for THE HAIR RITUAL COMB

The Hair Ritual Comb is designed specifically to be used for Scalp to release the feeling of tension and invigorate scalp for increased hair growth and stronger hairs.

The healing and conductive properties of our RVK RITUAL brass comb are really put to use each time you use it. On the basic level it releases stress and increases bloodflow in the scalp as well as deepen the effects of the rvk ritual hair oil.

You can use it to activate Marma points (vitality points) around the head and body, increasing the flow of Prana (life-force energy) from the top of your head to the tips of your toes — the subtle electrical conductivity from the comb make positive changes to the body’s subtle energies. Copper has thermal conductivity, meaning that while the comb will start off cool, it will quickly heat, helping the skin to absorb any oils or serums used during a massage. Because of copper’s alkaline properties, placing it against your skin will help to naturally balance your skin’s pH. Copper acts as an antioxidant and helps stimulate collagen production (collagen is a protein that determines the elasticity of your skin).

100% copper bronze

Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc. There is a significant amount of copper in brass. Anti-bacterial in nature, Copper is a relieving mineral known to be a powerful conductor of energy and helps promote circulation and purification. Copper is an essential nutrient to humans and considered to purify and increase energy. It can reduce visible symptoms associated with inflammation due to it’s ability to draw or “disburse” heat from tissues. There is also evidence that copper can promote collagen & elastin, strengthening and renewing the skin and boosting hyalauronic acid which visibly plumps and hydrates skin. All of these benefits make copper the ideal material to practice gentle body stimulation.

*Copper is a metal which develops it’s own patina over time, changing colors, often to blue-green. This is a normal and magical feature which we want you to treasure, as no single tool will age like another.