RVK RITUAL BEAUTY is created from nature to inspire you to create simple rituals in your daily life. 

It’s inspired by the elements and crafted to work with nature as is, embracing the wind, sun, dust & rain.

A ritual is something we activate because there is awareness behind the action. Something as simple as drinking water, washing our face or breathing deeply can be a ritual if we place intention behind it to activate the nourishing practice of replenishing our bodies. With each product there comes a ritual to remind you to take care of your whole being.

We create clean products for holistic skin & hair care from a place of curiosity, holding our values close:


We want to create a clean holistic beauty & ritual line that has a strong sense of purpose and where every product works like MAGIC.

Our approach is always holistic and deeply rooted in the science of yoga and the ancient practices of traditional chinese medicine and ayurveda.

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