It is the season!

We know the feeling of rushing between places in December, constantly feeling the pressure of the holidays and not really enjoying the moment. But we need to reframe this time and get back to basics. The two limbs of yoga yamas and niyamas as revealed by Patanjali provide a beautiful structure for thinking about the holidays.

So lets choose what to consume, how much, when, and with whom. It is a choice whether “celebration” requires consumption beyond what our financial, physical, and emotional means permit. So lets dive into the yogic holiday mindset:


Ahimsa–non-harming:: Don’t consume more than is harmful to yourself, those who have created what you are consuming, and the earth. Also lets minimize meat eating and be mindful what animal products to eat during this time.

Satya — truthfulness:: Stay true to yourself. Be honest with yourself what traditions you enjoy and what traditions are not serving you. Have meaningful and honest communication with people and be as authentic as you can.

Asteya — non-stealing:: Consuming beyond your means, especially financially, is a form of stealing. Stealing your peace of mind. Being in a bad mood and letting everyone feel it, is also a form of stealing. Stealing the energy and good time from others.

Brahmacharya — moderation:: Enjoy the offerings of the earth in a way that uplifts rather than sickens or detracts from your spirit. Don´t overeat or overconsume. Be creative and give meaningful gifts that are thoughtful, maybe even made by you!

Aparigraha — non-greediness:: A reminder to enjoy whatever the holidays bring you. The good and the bad. Enjoy what you have without coveting or trying in a detrimental way to have what others have and you do not. Stay away from the instagram comparison and focus on non- attachment to things!


Saucha — cleanliness, purity:: Keep your mind, body and surroundings clean. Take time to do the holiday clean in a mindful non toxic way. Make your own cleaning supplies and put on the best holiday music! Diffuse essential oils to clean the inside air. Keep in good habits like lemon water in the morning and meditation to keep the mind and body pure!

Santosha — contentment:: Practice gratitude! Wherever you are, whatever you have, whatever is going on in your work and family life, think of that for which you are grateful, that which brings you happiness, and focus on what you have. Contentment is a practice.

Tapas — fire, commitment:: Choose some practice or ritual and commit. Tapas means commitment and the yogis would do all sorts or “tapas” to practice self discipline and the 3rd chakra. So choose something to commit to this month: no gossip? daily meditation? digital detox? giving space for family/friends daily? Making a tiny ritual daily, like lighting a candle, or making your home hygge. Whatever you choose be on fire to practice, to shift, to prepare to end 2020 with generosity and compassion.

Svadyaya — study of text, self-study:: Take the holidays as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself, society, and your spiritual beliefs and how they interrelate by READING and going inward. This is a time to observe rather than react.

Ishvara pranadhana — surrender, recognition of the spirit:: Let go a little. Practice trust in the universe. Surrender to a sense of fullness. Remember the word “holiday” is really two words: “holy day.” Make this time holy, whether or not you observe a particular religious tradition at this time of year or any other.



Dagný & Eva


We wanted to give you practices that relax you into the holidays and the end of the year. We can choose how we approach this season and by practicing breathwork and restorative yoga we can relax our nervous system to be able to show up as our radiant selves into all family dynamics and conversations.


We wanted to inspire you with Kamillas story, how she got to where she is today after two burn outs. She is one of the most relaxed humans we know and has a grounding presence. She chooses how she lives very carefully from her work, to her home, to her relashionships. We talk about respecting your nervous system, figuring out what nourishes you and what isnt serving you and how make your house your sancturary.

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