A part of self care is picking out places that make you feel welcome and inspired. The Be Well series will be about those spots we find and visit again and again in Reykjavík or other cities that we travel to around the globe. We love finding gems in this town like city of ours that treat the body or soul. This is our second list of many and includes 3 favourite restaurants these days:

1. MAMA REYKJAVIK – A hidden hippie sanctuary hidden in downtown Reykjavik. They offer a selection of healthy vegetarian and juicy dishes, our fav being their tasty Dahl. You can also get a cup of their amazing ceremonial cacao and a coconut raw ball for desert!

2. GARÐURINN – A tiny little back-to-basics veggie restaurant run by a meditation group taught by Sri Chinmoy. The food is always tasty and very clean and the prices are good. A hidden treasure!

3. DRAGON DIM SUM – I love this restaurant thats influenced by Tawain and China and their interesting flavours and nice service. I feel like I am in a big city when eating there magical dumplings.

BE well!