Planet friendly superfood

We have been working with the amazing supplement brand ÖRLÖ these last months trying out their powerful products and have become real superfans of the brand.

To tell you more about our obsession with the brand, ÖRLÖ uses high-tech solutions to grow micro algae in a sustainable way in Iceland. In this way, they can produce Omega-3 fatty acids from their primary source (fish get their fatty acids from algae) without harming the environment of fish and the ocean. The technology was developed by world-leading scientists. The production is carbon negative and powered by clean, Icelandic energy. Their gel tablets also ensure three times better absorption of nutrients in the body than other sources and are therefore smaller than what is known on the market. Aaaaand we looove the packaging and it looks great on the kitchen counter! So win, win!

They also get their name from the Icelandic mystical word ÖRLÖG which means fate because they believe that the fate of humanity and the planet are intertwined. That deeply resonates with us as a brand.


Their Omega-3 supplement & DHA derived from microalgae, strengthens the brain, heart, joints and immune system. The most sustainable algae supplement in the world helps you achieve and maintain internal balance in your body.
You achieve three times better absorption in the body than other types of algae or fish oil. Their Prenatal DHA supports the brain, eyes and skin as well as strengthening your baby’s brain and visual development during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


We have been loving this sprey through the rough winter months for all family members. The Immunity Boost oral spray contains Icelandic Ultra Spirulina, which is full of bioactive vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). It maintains healthy energy levels and supports the immune system. Spirulina, has a nutritional profile rivaling beef; with iron, all essential amino acids, and, because of the specific way the company grows it, vitamin B12. Spirulina microalgae is extremely nutritious and has been called the original superfood and we feel it is a mood and energy booster, perfect when you live in the northen hemphisphere.


As we are in love with this brand we wanted to give the community a chance to try it out with a good discount. Use the code rvkritual in checkout on their website for 20% off  CLICK HERE



Dagný & Eva

Dagný visiting the production and feeling very impressed