RVK Ritual Bathing | Steps on how to take a Bath Properly

We love rituals. But the purpose of the rvk ritual platform is not to encourage you to squeeze in self care into an exhausted and overworked life, it is really to encourage us all to make a change and create a daily life that is sustainable, that you don´t feel you have to escape so often. We like to do this with mini rituals, practices we do again and again, sometimes elevating everyday things. In the wintertime in Iceland, bathing is a livesaver.

Ancient Egyptian royalty were among the first to understand the benefits of a good bath filled with essential oils and decorated with flowers. The Ancient Greeks and Romans then followed by building large communal bath houses around hot springs, which doubled as a source of healing and a social hub. In the Japanese culture there is the ritual for bathing called Ofuro. All of these cultures have made bathing a ceremony, a ritual, something more than just the act of cleaning the body.

We at Rvk ritual are blessed to live in Iceland, a country with bounty of natural hot water that makes it not a luxury, but something available to all. For me, Dagný, one half of the Rvk Ritual team, bathing is my most important ritual. As a new mom I haven´t had the time for my usual long bath time, I have been taking two minute showers and missing the bathtub very much.

But a few mornings ago I had my first bath post birth and it was truly like coming home to myself. Bathing can be a tremendous act of self care and healing where you can connect to yourself, and this morning it was just that. So, very inspired by my morning bath I thought I would share my version of a bathing ritual and encourage you to try to turn it from something mundane and everyday into something really special.


Detox, energy, relaxation, beauty and health. What do you need today? Are you stressed? Put epson salt and relaxing essential oils like lavender and an Ametyst crystal in the tub for some extra healing. Do you need focus and energy; peppermint essential oil in the tub, sandalwood and follow with a cold shower. The point is; make into what you need. Here are a few steps to elevate bathing into a ritual.

ps. if you don´t have a bathtub, make the shower into a ritual for by following some of the steps below.


  • Decide you intention; what do I need right now? write it down and have a journal and pen with you into the bathroom
  • Pour yourself a drink; relaxing tea or infused water that match your intention ( chlorophyll for detox or herbs for healing. Turmeric tea for inflammation, chamomile for relaxation )
  • Light a few candles and turn off bright lights.
  • Find a podcast or a calming playlist
  • Draw the bath and put in the healing remedies (salt, herbs, crystals, essential oils; 12 to 16 drops of essential oils total)
  • Drybrush the body head to toe (if you don´t have a drybrush, use a dry towel)
  • Put oil everywhere on the body before the bath
  • Clean the face and/or put on a face mask


  • Take 10 long deep breaths after you get into the tub. In and out the nose, making the exhale longer than the inhale. This turns on the parasympathetic nervous system and gets you out of flight and fight mode.
  • Count five things you are grateful for and really feel them.
  • Visualise the water soaking your worries and stress away and releasing the tension, all hard conversations and friction.
  • Take a soap bar or shampoo and bathe slowly
  • Listen to the music or podcast and take this moment just for you


  • Finish your bathing ritual by standing up slowly and watching all your worries go with the water down the drain
  • Use two towels, one for the head and another for the body.
  • Take time to moisturise with a nourishing cream ( We recommend Eva´s All Purpose Cream)
  • Journal for 3 minutes your thoughts and what came up for you.

Enjoy the holidays & RELAX