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Unnur Valdís Floating in Water Therapy and Meditation Teacher

We are so excited about this months interview with a big wellness expandor for us and overall beautiful and nice human Unnur Valdís. She is a Reykjavík based product designer with a special interest in health and well-being. Among her creations, stands the Flothetta, a water wellness concept that we at rvk ritual have loved from the very first time we floated. Apart from being a designer, mother and yoga teacher Unnur also works as an Aquatic bodyworker offering deeply relaxing Float Therapy classes. Enjoy getting to know her better:


Unnur Valdís

Creative Outlet:


@flothetta Instagram/Facebook


Reykjavík, Iceland

Star sign + rising sign:

Leo & Rising Leo

First thing you did this morning & morning routine?

I started my day with a tongue cleansing and a glass of water with a dash of apple vinegar. After that I had a lovely happy hormones boosting moment cuddling my dog, before taking him out for a 20. min. of fresh air and brisk walk. Back home I slided into the daily routine of morning coffee and starting the work engine.

What inspires you and what is your mission?

Connection and staying on the path of constantly growing and evolving. Keeping an open mind and heart to new opportunities and experiences.

Explain FLOTHETTA to those who dont know it:

Flothetta is a water wellness product line. Designed to enjoy a deep and relaxing water experiences.

The Flothetta gear is made to support independent floating in any water as a way to relax, reduce muscle and skeleton stress, letting go of emotional and mental stress and improve overall body-spirit connection.

 The design of Flothetta has been a lovely addition to the bathing culture of the country, and since it became available it has opened up a world of relaxing togetherness in the water, forming little communities where people come together to float and enjoy nourishing experiences in the water.

Unnur Valdís Floating in Water Therapy and Meditation Teacher

How was the journey towards designing the Flothetta and the therapy around it?

My love for the water and passion for health and activities that contribute to finding balance and stillness are the reasons Flothetta was born. Designing the float gear and creating this type of water relax method resulted quite fast in the birth of a community. This has made the journey such a rich and wonderful story of connections with many great contributions from other passionate and talented people. People coming together to enjoy a wonderful healing togetherness can be such a powerful experience. In the recent years I have come to realize that to guide people into a deep float experience is a great responsibility and needs to be conducted by skilled people. This is why the Float Therapy training program was developed. With the training of skilled people to supervise float gatherings, holding the space and giving support the culture has elevated to greater connection and wellness experience in the water. All this supporting the vision of Flothetta to bring more people to the water to enjoy the wonderful benefits of this deeply relaxing water experience.

How are you using floating yourself when you are not teaching and facilitating events?

I enjoy my very personal moments of water relaxation in the not so busy morning hours in Reykjavík pool’s. I also like to play with my fellow aquatics and experiment with different kinds of flow and bodywork in the water, all to grow and expand as a Flothetta aquatic bodyworker.

How important is work ethic in creation?

Strong ethics are the foundation of a good concept. Flothetta has tried to remain a firm and clear work ethics in all aspects of the company. Recently the Flothetta aquatic bodyworkers formed an alliance and our first task was to create a very strong and clear code of ethics. Honoring that we are here to serve and offer safety above all.

I’m currently working on…

A new product line of float equipment to enrich and support the original Flothetta cap and leg floats. All this will result in a more profound and wonderful water experience.

What does ‘well-being’ mean to you?

For me well-being is to be found in the balance and connection between body, mind and spirit.

What do you pack for a floating event?

Besides the float gear, eye-masks and blankets. I include a water bottle with magnesium enriched water and our signature sandalwood incense for the right mood.

Unnur Valdís | Floating Water Therapy Teacher

What makes a home?

Home needs to be a place of warmth and relaxed atmosphere. I prefer a home of simplicity, as to get my mind cleared and make room for new ideas. Home also needs to be a place of tolerance, and meet the needs of all the family members.

Products found in your shower / by your bath?

I have a lovely herbal infusions around my bathtub like the ‘Jólabað’, a new sacred ritual bathing product that will be released in november 2020 by Flothetta. I also have a lovely homemade mixture of essence made of roses and meadowsweet by my friend Halla. Besides I have a classic Dr. Organic shampoo and Dr. Bronner lavender soap. I also always make sure to have lots of candles around the bathtub, so I can easily make my bathing experience a super calm and sacred moment.

Three things that can always be found in your kitchen cupboard/fridge?

Oatmeal, coconut milk and frozen blueberries

Floating in Water Therapy

Favourite travel destination (pre covid)?

Berlin and the highlands of Iceland

A song/record that gets you in a flow?

April come she will by Simon and Garfunkel

Favourite form of movement/exercise?

Recently I have fallen bigtime in love with the philosophy and practice of QiGong

Nighttime rituals?

I like to apply a generous coating of shea butter to my feet before I go to sleep, and wake up with fresh and nourished feet.

Someone you admire?

Strong women who love and support other women

Something you’re proud of?

My boys. They have grown up to be such strong, independent and unique characters with big hearts.

I feel most creatively fulfilled when…

When I get lost in the whirlwind of stimulation and energy, filled with passion with another creative

What is next for you?

Dive into the world of herbal healing rituals, as a part of enriching the water wellness experience. Spread the love and knowledge of float therapy to the world.

 Floating in Water Therapy and Meditation