The Art of Adornment – March 1st


Join Andrea the founder of REIA KAMA for an venus night of creative embodiment on Friday evening March 1st


We will move and meditate before making our own personal sacred adornment.

The objects around us absorb our vibration and when we meditate, seeds of consciousness fall onto the objects around us and become carriers of that vibration.

Ever felt the actual difference of eating a meal that was made with love compared to a mass produced packaged one? The same goes for what we wear. When we wear clothes and accessories made with love compared to those of synthetic materials that have been mass produced in factories, we can feel it. This is what we will explore during the workshop.

The Rose is a symbol of Beauty, she is the queen of flowers. Her stinging thorns show us that grace is found not only in tenderness but also in the ability to self protect. A Rose adornment can be a celebration of our grace and virtues but also protect our peace by carrying the wisdom of her thorns.

This workshop is an invite for you to create your own crepe silk Rose that you may keep at your altar as you meditate and wear when you want to radiate your innate beauty.

Reia Kãma is the artistic expression of Icelandic designer and creative Andrea Margrétardóttir who works closely with nature and puts her twist on elemental play. Her focus is on practises that consistently bring her closer to her core as an artist, looking inwards for that creative spark rather than outwards. A duality between an inevitable pull towards wellness and the obstacles she found in the world of fashion design have led her to explore the gap there in between. How the things we wear can elevate our exhistance and contribute to our own and the earths wellbeing whilst gracefully radiating our inherant Beauty.


We will actively move through the three components of creativity:

and manifestation (materialisation).

In other terms, this is meditation to connect with our creativity, a light movement flow to get our juices going and an hour of cosy craft together.

You will leave the workshop with your personal adornment that you can start to form a sacred bond with and a ritual paper that will guide you through rituals so you can charge your Rose with the energy you want to carry.


  • Silk fabric
  • Silk ribbon
  • Paper & pencils
  • Pattern for the Rose
  • Rose bath for natural dying
  • Stone embellishments to embroider with
  • Ritika Ritual Paper, a guide to practise sacred rituals at home
  • Rose tea & venus snacks
  • A week access to THE RITUAL CLUB membership

WHEN: March 1st 18:00-21:00
PRICE: 12.900 ISK //94$


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