Nourish & Release Retreat // Yin, Acupressure & Rest – JUNE 1st


Nourish & Release weekend retreat with Yin, Acupressure & Rest, 1-2 of June at RVK RITUAL

// Experience a mini retreat at RVK RITUAL where you can indulge in softness, new knowledge and relaxation.

This practical workshop will be divided into two sessions, each with its own focus:

SAT / 10-13 Fascia theory Yin/pressure

SUN / 10-13 Nervous system theory pressure/rest/acupuncture

You can choose to attend one day or both.

We are thrilled to welcome Swedish guest teacher Daniela Schütt to Iceland to facilitate this transformative workshop with Camilla Strandmark. Daniela is a highly regarded teacher in Sweden, specialising in fascia theory and nervous system regulation. As a Kundalini teacher with expertise in these areas, she will guide you through practices that nourture both body and mind. She will hold space for you together with Camilla Strandmark, an acupuncturist and yoga teacher specialising in stress reduction and restoration. The days will contain both theoretical parts and practice in a nice blend. A time for you to refill yourself.

Saturday Ingredients: We will adress the importance of fascia. How it effects us and how our practice can effect the fascia. The fascia is since 2012 classified as an organ, this means the fascia is our largest organ, claiming the first spot from the skin. We will dive into the mysteries of the fascia during the first hour of this workshop. Then we will explore it practically with a Yin/acupressure yoga class. This will be a mind and body opening experience!

Sunday Ingredients: Here we will explore how our knowledge about the nervous system can be used for deepening our yin yoga practice. We will weave together nervous system, breathing patterns, fascia knowledge, emotions and mind into our yoga practice. The more we understand, the deeper we go.

INCLUDED: Access to THE RITUAL CLUB online membership for one month.


PRICE FOR ONE DAY: 14.900 kr

About the teachers:

Daniela runs a yogastudio in Sweden since 20 years back. She started her yoga journey in 2000 and have training in Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga, TRE-Trauma releasing exercises, Body Art, Power yoga and pranayama.

Camilla Strandmark @camillastrandmark_yogamind // Camilla is very passionate about connecting the tradition of yoga, meditation and Chinese medicine with the knowledge of medicine.  She advocates slowness and self-love as an antidote in today’s stressful society. She is a Swede living in Reykjavik, for a few years. She has been practicing different styles of yoga and mindfulness for the last 15 years.

Her background is in medicine, as a nurse and medical-acupuncturist, she now brings the healing parts from medicine into yoga and mindfulness. She is a Yogateacher, RYT certified 500 from YFL, with speciality in restorative, yin, vinyasa, nidra, prenatal, medical yoga and yoga for cancer. Certified Mindfulness teacher (MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), medical acupuncturist, ICF coach and owner of 

She arranges silent retreats, gives courses and classes on site in Reykjavik and online. She has, herself, experienced the medical, healing parts of yoga and mindfulness when she went through breast cancer. Now she integrates it in her daily life as a powerful tool for health.

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