The rvk ritual Gua Sha kit is the ultimate self care gift!
The kit includes the rvk ritual Gua sha jade stone, Jade Roller, Blue moon face Serum, Aquarius face mist and a palo santo & a written ritual
RVK RITUAL GUA SHA STONE: Is an all around gua sha stone made from the crystal JADE that is cooling and purifying. The stone can be used to do deep face gua sha to stimulate the lymph (see our instagram for a gua sha tutorial) and remove toxins and puffiness. It is also perfect to massage the scalp to get healthier hair and to do body gua sha to move the lymph and work on cellulite!
JADE ROLLER: The rvk ritual jade roller has one smooth side and one textured. Use the textured side on neck, chest and 11 lines for best results

BLUE MOON SERUM: Our blue moon serum is a oil based serum that does not clog the pores, perfect to use for moisture daily and to do gua sha. It has our all time favourite ingredients and is perfect for all skin types.Ingredients: Squalane, Grapeseed oil, blue tansy, sandalwood

25 ml

AQUARIUS: Our Aquarius face mist is perfect to open the lymph system before putting on oil/serum and doing gua sha and to balance the skin. Or just to use as a toner daily.  It has a mix of essential oil, e vitamin oil and witch hazel to purify and open the skin and give a forrest vibe while doing it. Good for all skin types and good to use to clean your gua sha stone and jade roller.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, icelandic water, cypress, myrrh, palo santo, pine & peppermint, e-vitamin

50 ml

PALO SANTO: Is called “holy wood” smells sweet and smoky. It is perfect to burn before doing gua sha and make a ritual around your self care. Also to purify your home.