We are super excited to facilitate another round of our 4 week online course called The Ritual Class – Self Mastery, starting on January 12th (new moon). We have gotten alot of questions about the class so here they are answered:

Why Self Mastery? What does it mean?

We understand it as the journey to healing and fulfilment. Eva and Dagný have it in common that they are both constantly trying to better themselves and heal with different methods. This class is an accumulation of so many different books, teachings, classes and experiences we have had on our journeys. This class is about exploring your self, taking inventory, cleaning out and setting the course for a new and better direction.

Is it for advanced yogis or beginners on their healing journey?

We would say both. If you are far along on your journey and might know some of the teachings, then its an opportunity to go deeper and really apply those teachings to your life. If you are a beginner we are the perfect place as we love making things accessible and fun.

How much work is it, can I have a full-time job along side it?

Yes, absolutely. This is not meant to fill all your time. We would say 20-90 minutes a day devoted to this is enough to get through the assignments, meditation and videos. You will also keep some of the documents and have access to the material for 2 weeks after the class finishes so you can go deeper at anytime. The structure is made so you do the work when you have the time.

Why is it in English?

We are both Icelandic but have friends from all over the world and want to have a bigger conversation. We have both lived abroad for a large part of our lives in Copenhagen and Berlin. Also we want to be inclusive to all of our friends living in Iceland that do not speak the language.

Will you have this class again?

Yes! We will have a few during 2021

Sign up HERE if you feel the calling


Dagný & Eva

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